All of you have already heard about the Information Technology or IT, but most probably you have never heard of Data Technology or DT. They are completely different and in some cases they are opposite of each other.

Becoming an IT expert is not that easy.Although you can make money through each of them, it is a lot harder to make money though IT because first you have to become an IT expert which is not that easy and needs spending lots of time and money, and still there is no guarantee that you can compete with the other IT people and get a good and high paying job.

Data Technology or DT is completely different. You can make a lot of money through DT while you are not expert in anything. You just share the data that you have. To gain the data, you don’t have to spend any time and money and you don’t have to learn something and become expert in it. You just need to have the data.

Although you have never heard about Data Technology or DT, it is not something new and you have already used it a lot. There are so many who have been making money through DT since several years ago. In spite of this, we are at the beginning of the DT period or DT era according to people like Jack Ma, the founder of which is a leading online marketplace company:

I know you are still wondering what DT is exactly and how it is possible to make millions with it according to the title of this article. Let me give you some examples to clarify what DT is. However, first I have to start with IT and use the IT examples to explain about DT, because what you know about IT helps you understand the DT easier.

Let’s say you want to have a blog but you don’t know how to build it because you are not an IT expert. You have to ask an IT expert who knows how to setup and start a blog, to do the job for you. This is what we do for our clients (here). You can ask us to setup a blog for you and we will do it for you for free. You can have a professional blog in less than a day while you know nothing about starting a blog and you don’t even know how to register a domain and buy hosting for it. We give you all the information and then we will setup the blog for you, because we know how to do it and we have IT experts in our team, but you are not an IT expert.

Now let’s say your blog or website gets some problems. For example it returns a programming error while visiting the web pages. You don’t know how to fix the problem and the error because you are not an IT person who is expert in programming. You have to ask an IT expert to do it for you.

So now you know what IT is and who is an IT expert. An IT expert is someone who has the “information” and knows how to use it. Therefore, he is expert in using the information he has.

Who Is a DT Expert?

There is no such a thing. I mean there is no DT expert. When (1) you have some data even as ordinary as the address of a library in your city, and (2) you share your data with the others, you are a DT person.

Do you have to be an expert to know the address of a library? Of course not. You just need to know the address. However, you can share the address with the others and this can help them a lot because there are so many who are desperately looking for the address that you know. You can share it with them and resolve their problem. At least sharing the address with them can save them a lot of time.

This is how Data Technology or DT works. You collect some data and you share it with others without having to become expert in anything. The tools and resources you use to collect and share the data, have already  been built and are ready for you to use. You don’t have to build them on your own. For example, you can create a page on FaceBook within a few minutes and then share the data you have through it while you don’t know how FaceBook works behind the scene and what a complicated technology it has. You just follow some simple steps and create a web page which is able to do a lot of things automatically.

For example, we share all of our new posts on our FaceBook page. All we do is that we just post the links of the new posts through a small online dialog box. We don’t do anything more than that. FaceBook takes care of the rest:

  1. It picks a summery from the new post and chooses a featured image for it and posts it on the FaceBook page.
  2. It informs our FaceBook page fans about the new posts automatically without having us to do anything. The fans see the posts and click on the links to come to our site to read the whole posts if they want.
  3. The fans can like the posts and share them with the other FaceBook users.
  4. They can leave comments on the same FaceBook page and ask their questions.
  5. FaceBook informs us automatically about the questions and comments and then we can refer to the related page to reply.
  6. We can share photos, charts, files, videos, and…, on the page within a few seconds.
  7. We can let the fans know about the events like seminars, new products and services and…

There are a lot more that FaceBook does for us while we pay no money for our FaceBook page and we don’t know how FaceBook works behind the scene. We just provide the data and share them on our FaceBook page, and then FaceBook takes care of the rest. That is all.

Many of you have FaceBook accounts. You have been able to find many of your old friends on FaceBook. You are connected to them again whereas you had lost the connections for so many years. You share your stories, videos and… with them while you don’t know how FaceBook was created and how it works technically. Those who created FaceBook and are taking care of it, are IT experts. But as a user, you don’t have to be an IT expert. You just have some data that you can share on FaceBook.

It is the same with so many other sites like Twitter, YouTube, Google and… . Your WordPress blog is like that too.

Data Technology looks complicated but it is very easy to use in reality.

Data Technology Makes Money

You can make a lot of money as a DT, even more than what IT people do. It is not that easy to make money as an IT. You have to know a lot and be one of the bests, and you have to be creative and enthusiastic and be able to compete with the other IT people. It is not easy. IT is becoming more and more competitive every day.

But you can easily be a DT without having to have a degree or any experience. You just need to be enthusiastic to share some data that can be easily given to you by the systems that manage the program you follow. You don’t even have to create the data. You just collect them or they can be easily given to you by a system that feeds people like you and controls the DT business. To share the data with the others, you use the Internet and the automatic systems that are already built for you. People use the data you share. It resolves their problems. They appreciate your help. They will even pay for the data you share with them because they need it desperately. They will share your data with the other people and this floods more attention and money to you.

Blogging Is a Small Part of the Data Technology

Blogging is a part of the Data Technology system. Most of the professional bloggers are not expert in anything. They don’t even know how to program a blog. But they are good bloggers and make a lot of money. Darren Rowse is one of them. They just share data on their blogs. They share the data that some people need. Bloggers only need to be passionate and enthusiastic about what they do for the others. The others’ success and happiness is the bloggers’ success and happiness.

Blogging is only one of the ways of working in the Data Technology era. You don’t have to be a blogger to become a Data Technology millionaire.

There are so many other ways already, and so many new ways come every day. Look at the smart phones that almost everybody has them now. There are so many apps that are designed for sharing the data and can be installed and used on the smart phones. We didn’t have them 10 years ago. Now, we have them and we are so happy with them. We will have a lot more. It won’t be stopped there. It is moving like a roaring river.

New things come every day. I know some people who make thousands or even millions of dollars just by working through Instagram. They are not expert in anything. They are not even bloggers. They don’t know what is behind Instagram and how Instagram has been developed. They just use Instagram as a user which is what even a 6 years old kid is able to do. They share data on Instagram and they make millions. Instagram is also one of the new resources of the Data Technology.

Residual Income Is the Juicy Fruit of Data Technology

Residual income means never having to start over.An IT man has to work very hard day in day out to keep making money. If he stops working, his income stops also. It is the same with all the other jobs and professions that an expert is involved. For example dentists, physicians, teachers, drivers, pilots, engineers, miners, cooks,… they all have to work every day otherwise they won’t make any money.

But it is not like that for the DT people. Their DT job generates Residual Income for them. Residual Income is the income that keeps coming if you stop working. How is that possible?

The reason that the income of the DT people keeps coming even if they stop working is that they share data through several different ways and resources that are all automatic and never stop working. These resources and systems don’t stop working when the person who has used them to share the data stops working. They keep working and keep sharing the data with more people even if the one who has originally shared the data stops working. On the other hand, people who the data is shared with them will share with the other people and this cascade continues for good.

Is a dentist’s job like that? Absolutely not, because if he stops working, nobody is going to fix his patients’ teeth for him to keep his income coming. He is the one who has to work to make money. There is no automatic system that works for him.

Trading is like that too. Traders can make a lot of money. But in order to make a lot of money through trading, first you have to become a trading expert which is not that easy, and then you have to keep trading to make money. Your income stops if you stop trading. Your income stops if the markets stop forming the trade setups. Am I right?

Too Good to Be True?

Data Technology and what I explained above look too good to be true. It is really too good but it is true.

I am sure if you talked about electricity and the things it could do, with the people who lived when there was no electricity, they wouldn’t believe it and would say it was too good to be true. But when electricity came, it amazed people while they learned how to use it. It still amazes us and will keep on amazing us because it always looks too good to be true. But it is true.

It is the same with the Internet and its power and its products like Data Technology. They amaze us and they seem too good to be true, but we use them and make money with them every day.

You Are Lucky

Although it is several years that so many people are making millions as DT persons, we are at the beginning of this era according to what people like Jack Ma say. He says DT era can last over 30 years and we are just at its beginning. The next 30 years is a chance for the people like you who are reading this article. Now you know what DT is but most people don’t. You can take the advantage of the Data Technology, but most people are not even aware of it and are busy doing what they have been doing so far. They trade away their time and life with money. Many of them will open their eyes when it is too late. They use the Data Technology as the DT users, but they can’t make any money through it. People like you can make money through the Data Technology systems, because now you know what DT is and how it works. You know you are at the beginning of a great era which is designed to make you a millionaire, but most others don’t know.

So you are lucky. You are at the right place right time.

Combination of DT and IT

While you don’t have to be an IT and you don’t have to be expert in anything to make money through the DT systems, if you are already an IT person (you are expert in something), you can also work as DT to boost your income and create residual income for yourself. DT can bring more customers and clients for your IT business while it can become a new source of income by itself. So you work less and make more money.

Data Technology can help all professions. For example, a dentist can easily use the DT systems to expand his business and make a lot more money while he doesn’t have to work more. DT can even create residual income for him. You can’t believe it? I tell you how.

A dentist who has a dental office, has to work day in day out to make money to cover the office expenses like rent, secretaries salaries and… . But he can use DT to attract more patients that he can’t handle on his own. However having more patients gives him the chance to expand his business. He can just spend some money to move to a bigger place with a few more rooms and a few more dental units that enable a few more dentists to work at the same office at the same time. Then he can use the DT technology to attract more patients to his office. He couldn’t handle this number of patients on his own when he worked alone, but now his office that has a few more dentists, can handle a larger number of patients.

Although he can still handle his own patients as the dentist, he can make more money through the shares he receives from the work of the other dentists in his office while his expenses is not increased that much. Now he can even stop working for a while to take some rest, because his office can keep working and making money for him. He has a Residual Income now. It is the DT systems that can feed this larger business with the number of the patients it has to have. With a proper management and using the DT systems properly, more and more patients will be directed to the new office, because DT systems spread the words automatically while people also spread the words at the same time.

So, it is the matter of enthusiasm, proper management and the proper application of the DT systems that can change a struggling business to a scalable and expanding one.

It is the same with all the other businesses. All the other professions can use DT to make more money and generate residual income. As a trader, you can use the DT systems to boost your income. The money you make through DT can be used to make more money through trading (IT) and visa versa. This is what we are teaching the LuckScout Millionaires Club members, and we have so many programs to expand this as much as possible to help the club members to become millionaires within the shortest possible time. We are providing all the tools and systems that work for them automatically. The members just need to participate and follow some instructions that will be taught them by their personal coaches within a very short time.

What Qualifications You Have to Have

To make money through the DT systems, you don’t have to have any special qualifications. You can do it no matter how old are you and what profession you have. Just an ordinary computer and Internet skill is enough. If you are here reading this article now, you are already qualified to make money through the DT systems and become a millionaire.

DT systems can boost your current job and business and help you make more money through it. BUT you don’t have to have any job or business to start making money through the DT systems. You can make money with the DT systems we have designed and developed while you have no job and business and you have no special skill and qualifications.

Are You Ready?

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